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Workshops Schedule

During the Global Congress you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and technological demostrations selected by the DDS.

THURSDAY 4th, november 2021

THURSDAY 4th, november 2021







How Digital Dentistry can change your life

Paolo Avantaggiato

What is digital, digital from the clinical point of view, front-office and back-office, collaboration with the dental technician, chair-side dentistry, practical demonstration. A brief excursus on what it means to digitise a dental practice in 2021. Transition from a practice with 30 years of traditional experience to a fully digitised one. During the practical demonstration we will illustrate the best tips and tricks for daily clinical practice in the prosthetic field.



Enhancing Patient Communication and Team Collaboration with Mixed Reality

Matteo Valoriani & Roberto Mangano

Mixed Reality enables a new communication experience by displaying 3D models and traditional 2D content such as images and videos in a fully 3D perspective, giving the clinician a powerful tool to better explain complex procedures, increasing patient's trust and retention. By combining MR with the upcoming 5G technology, the communication between clinician and a remote lab or expert can be unlocked providing unmatched speed and a smooth experience for discussing cases and transfering 3D data.

FRIDAY 5th, november 2021

november 2021







Digital workflow in Gnatology with kinematic analysis of mandibular movements

Simona Tecco & Alessandro Nota

The speakers will present a brief introduction on the digital workflow for planning a complex rehabilitation. They will explain how MODJAW Tech in Motion device works and show a test being performed. Interpretation of the 4D data ( patient’s motion integrated with the CBCT) will be provided as well as some clinical cases of oral rehabilitation done with MODJAW.



iTero digital workflow in a multidisciplinary practice: from diagnosis to treatment plan execution

Giuseppe Marano

This workshop session is directed to doctors who are considering to adopt digital workflows in their practices or willing to improve their digital workflows efficiency.​ Dr. Marano will show how to use the full potential of the iTero Element 5D imaging system from the moment the patients come for the initial consultation to the accomplishment of the treatment and monitoring. From simple crowns to advanced edentulous rehabilitations, the Align Digital platform provides the right tools and accuracy to grow dental practices.​The workshop includes a hands-on training on the new iTero Element Plus series.



Updating in micro dentistry

Roberto Molinari

Magnification has revolutionized dentistry. Magnifying an image with a microscope is clearly an asset, improving the dentist's visibility and therefore the ability to diagnose and provide treatment. With magnification, you can improve the accuracy and precision of the final restoration. During the presentation, Dr. Molinari will illustrate his professional approach in digital aesthetic dentistry and what are the advantages of using the dental microscope during his daily practice.



Practical Applications and Hands on Demonstration of the T-Scan Technology

Andy Gasparini & Mahmoud Ezzat

This hands-on session will allow you to learn the ins and outs of the T-Scan system. You will gain an understanding of the T-Scan technology and how it fits into your practice workflow by seeing and participating in live demonstration scans.



Bone reconstruction using titanium meshes: generation 5.0

Alessandro Cucchi

The workshop will last one hour and its aim will be the teaching of the rehabilitation of a posterior edentulous region by using the GBR 3D technique: each participant, on a dedicated model, will have the chance to get a deeper knowledge in the filling with biomaterial and in the fixing with cortical screws of a titanium customized mesh with the supervision of the speaker Doc. Alessandro Cucchi.




Roberto Padros

As a restorative dentist, a question people related with dentistry usually ask me is: are you a digital dentist? I don’t believe there is such thing as digital dentist or analogue dentist. Intraoral scanners are amazing tools that don’t only allow us to take impressions. Digital technologies enable us to be more predictable on a day to day basis. From single restorations to full arch rehabilitations, digital tools allow us to control and verify every single step of our procedures. This translates into restorations with alonger survival rate and fewer complications in the long term. A software like Meditlink allows us to diagnose in a quicker, easier and more predictable manner than before, whilst/as well as reducing the margin of errors when carrying out treatments on our patients. The aim of this presentation is to share several restorative protocols and applications as well as some insight and tips which can be very useful when dealing with CAD CAM technologies.



Fully edentulous treatments using Navident

Luca Comuzzi & Luigi Stefanelli

The workshop teaches participants why and how dynamic navigation or dynamic guided surgery facilitates the treatment of edentulous patients. A fully digital step-by-step protocol, one that is not only predictable but also easy to apply, will be discussed. Moreover, 2 clinicians will explain how dynamic guided surgery has been implemented in their daily practice.