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Villa Erba

Villa Erba exhibition and Convention Centre is a venue of artistic appeal in historical environment and the unique setting of Lake Como.

The historical Villa, the Conference Centre and the centuries-old park overlooking Lake Como: together in a unique place, immersed in beauty.

Call for Posters - € 1000 prize!

Researchers and Clinicians who will submit their Abstracts* and have it accepted for Oral Presentation will have the opportunity to present their results in a 7 minutes short lecture in front of a panel of experts selected by the Digital Dentistry Society.

The Oral Presentations will take place on Thursday November 4th, from 9am to 2pm. The three best Oral Presentations per category will be awarded with a prize and a special mention during the Congress Gala Dinner, on Friday 5th November.

In addition, all accepted Abstracts will be published in the Proceedings of the Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) Global Congress, a thematic issue of the Journal of Dentistry (Elsevier, Q1, indexed Pubmed, Impact Factor 3.2), that is the flagship journal of the Society.

*Note: you will be required to participate to the event in person in order to become a candidate winner of the contest.