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  DDS Conference  


This edition of the Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) State of the Art Conference – the world’s largest scientific event among the digital dentistry community – will feature leading clinical experts and researchers who will discuss the most innovative digital technologies and established clinical procedures: The Art of Digital Dentistry will be the focus of this year event.
Be part of the future of dentistry.


  Topics & Program  

Digital Technologies

  • Intraoral Scanners
  • Face Scanners and Virtual Patient
  • Virtual Articulators
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Printing
  • Mixed Reality
  • Microdentistry

Clinical Applications

  • Digital Veneers
  • Digital Orthodontics and Gnatology
  • Full-Arch Implant Restoration
  • Digital Dentures
  • Bone and Soft Tissues Management in Oral Surgery
  • Digital Oral and Maxillofacial Reconstruction


AI can be used to create highly accurate and customized implant abutments and restorations, which can improve the overall success rate and aesthetic outcome of implant treatments as well as help dentists make more informed treatment decisions.

Esthetic Dentistry

AI is used in esthetic dentistry to aid in the design and fabrication of restorative and cosmetic restorations.
AI is being explored in esthetic dentistry is in the development of predictive models that can help dentists  identify the most effective treatment options.


AI-powered technologies and software can help orthodontists predict treatment outcomes, develop treatment plans that are tailored to individual patients’ needs, execute orthodontic treatments more effectively and improve the quality of care.


AI significantly improves the accuracy, speed, and overall quality of prosthetic restoration, such as dentures, crowns, and bridges. AI algorithms can analyze digital scans of a patient to model highly precise and customized solutions for the unique anatomy of the patient.

Maxillo-facial surgery

AI algorithms can be used to analyze medical images to identify areas of concern and used to create 3D models of the affected area, in order to plan procedures and manage follow ups more effectively.


AI can help in the analysis of medical images, such as digital X-rays, CBCT scans, and other imaging modalities with greater accuracy and speed. Furthermore, by analyzing patient data, AI can help identify the most effective treatment options for individual patients.

News: Workshop for Dentists and Dental Technicians Registration

If you are already registered for DDS Global Congress 2023, please assist us in organizing by filling out this brief form to let us know which workshop you are interested in attending.

News: Possibility to attend DDS Workshop for Dental Assistants Only

“The Optical Impression: the correct use in the modern digital work flow” is the official DDS Workshop for Dental Assistants. It will be held on Thursday, October 12th. Participants can now purchase a special ticket to attend this workshop only at a price of €120. Participants who have the standard ticket can attend the workshop as well.

  Gala Dinner  

The Gala Dinner is an iconic tradition of every DDS Conference: it is one of the most exclusive and relaxing moments of the conference and will take place on October 18th evening at the Palazzo Borghese (Via Ghibellina 110, Florence), a beautiful venue rooted in the history and art of the city. The participation quote is €120 and the event requires seat reservation.

Which better occasion for having fun, sharing great moments and tasty Italian food, while enjoying live show performances and music in such an amazing location?

A stylish dinner

A stylish dinner environment, with live show performances and music, will be accompanying some great dishes from the Italian cuisine tradition.

Elegant, relaxing evening

It will be an elegant relaxing occasion for networking and confrontation with all the participants; digital technologies in Dentistry will be protagonist as well.